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Founded in Shanghai, China, in 2017, SA International emerged as a transformative entity in the realm of equipment procurement across diverse industries. As an integral component of the esteemed SIBC Group, our establishment assumed a pivotal role in delivering cutting-edge equipment solutions for the construction, mining, transportation, and allied sectors.



"SA Construction" – A Symbol of Distinction:


Under the imprimatur of "SA Construction," our brand epitomizes reliability and innovation. We take pride in manufacturing high-caliber conveyor belts and electric forklifts, emblematic of superior technological standards and subjected to stringent quality assurance protocols.


 Tailored Solutions:


At the core of our operational ethos lies an unwavering commitment to tailoring our offerings to the unique requisites of each client. Meticulous selection of equipment, goods, and raw materials underscores our dedication to meeting and exceeding client expectations.


Global Prowess:


SA International is steadfastly expanding its global footprint, furnishing innovative solutions across international borders. We aspire to be the quintessential partner for enterprises worldwide, providing instrumental means for their sustained and prosperous development.


 Charting Future Trajectories:


Our organization takes immense pride in its contributory role to industrial progression. Anchored in a commitment to leadership, we endeavor to remain at the forefront of technological innovation, charting a course toward a future wherein our clients thrive and prosper.

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